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We are greatly obliged by you for considering Aurum Clinical Research to assist you in your efforts.We are committed to do all that we can to ensure the successful outcome of your clinical investigation as very seriously mission from our side too. Please contact us to discuss how we may be able to work with each other.

We are here to provide you with ethical, quality oriented, enthusiastic, and experienced clinical research sites in an expedited and efficient manner. Whether you are managing your trial internally or utilizing the services of a Contract Research Organization, we can be helpful to you in different ways viz. help speed up the site identification, qualification, initiation, budget / contractual negotiations and start up process. Our management and operating procedures are specifically designed to provide you with multiple and highly qualified sites that meet your specific goals and criteria. Because we only present such sites that meet your needs, you can reduce the time and resources required significantly to evaluate and qualify a site. We assign a Project Manager to your study to assist with early centralized communication. This will increase efficiency by reducing the time you typically spend answering similar site generated questions.

All of the Investigators in Aurum Clinical Research network are highly experienced clinicians and researchers. Clinical Research Coordinators must also meet stringent criteria. Since we place an enormous amount of responsibility for the success of your study, we ensure that skills and capabilities manage appropriately. Because of our ability to present multiple sites, one can call to us and can assist you in selecting numerous investigative sites. We do not believe in the all or none philosophy. You are always free to select only those sites that you want to use. All sites must (and do) demonstrate their own merit for selection and do not expect to be chosen just because they are part of the network.

Budgetary and contractual discussions are always centralized, thus minimizing lengthy negotiations for each site. Upon agreement of a budget ( which is applicable across all sites ), a clinical trial agreement can typically be executed within one week or less.

  • We provide multiple and quality sites even on phone call.
  • We provide highly skilled Investigators.
  • We provide Well trained, Experienced, Dedicated and full time Clinical Research Coordinators and Other Site Staff Requirements.
  • We are spread all over the country.
  • We have access to large patient populations with cultural diversity.
  • We have efficient and centralized contract and budget resolution.
  • We have ability to conduct inpatient and outpatient studies also.
  • We have established and stable relationships with large public and private institutions.
  • We have our own aggressive patient recruitment program to support local site’s own efforts.
  • We have the ability to successfully conduct even the most challenging of studies.
  • We have Stable, effective and mutually beneficial working relationships with Investigative sites.
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